Bath Guest Houses

The Romans first discovered Bath in 43 AD as it was a lucrative outpost in their newly acquired ever increasing empire. Today Bath exists and serves as one of the United Kingdom's most popular tourist destinations, with many nooks and crannies to be discovered it offers the tourist a city that is best explored on foot. The Bath guest houses exceed all visitors' expectations both in comfort and practicability. The farm lands and green trees which lie across the valley surround bath and stare back at the city confirm that this was once a real stop on the Romans Fosse Way between Lincoln and Exeter which helped transport troops and supplies from north to south.

Bath famous for its natural thermal springs has brought much prosperity to the area, enticing people from all over the UK for hundreds of years as this is the country's only hot spring. The Romans were the first to utilize these springs using local stone and lead from the mysterious Mendip Hills to shape water-proof, and trap these natural waters.

After a Lottery-funded project to refurbish the famous Bath's ended in 2006, the building was tastefully decorated using the old building and an intelligent use of glass on the exterior creating something that even the Romans would have been proud of. The Spa has become a great place for locals to laze-away the day in one of their many pools and scented steam rooms. The warm outside rooftop pool remains a firm favourite among all, as a world class view of this ancient city can be seen both by day and night, a great place to watch the sun set.

This stunning city sends the visitor on a trip through time, back to the ancient Roman days through the cobbled streets and the intimate city plan allowing the each and every traveller a glimpse of the past. The Bath guest houses are all centrally located and therefore entice their guests to walk to and from some of the splendid pubs, restaurants, theatres' and for the more young at heart buzzing night life. However if walking isn't for you there is a fantastic bus service or perhaps catch one of the ever ready traditional black taxi cabs dotted around the city.

The out of this world accommodation supplied by the Bath guest houses is exactly that, out of this world. Timeless lime stone buildings like the rest of bath is the setting of the guest houses, large windows soaking each and every room in an enormous amount of sunlight emitting a fresh and wonderful feel. The high ceilings and triple sometimes four storey buildings add to the already high everlasting ambience felt throughout, grandeur is the theme.

In each room flat screen televisions complete with sky and DVD players can be found, as well as a view unique to Bath, a great place to people watch if this is your thing. Single, double, twin, triple and family rooms are available each displaying luxurious amenities including hairdryers, high speed wireless internet and a air conditioner with both heat and cool functions. The en suite bathrooms are fully stocked with complementary soap and shampoo's, a soft fresh high thread count towel awaits every guest.

A well appointed restaurant is at the guest's disposal, manned by an experienced chef who shows his pride in each and every dish he or she creates, from complex dishes to simple specialities, the chefs please daily. No matter what time Breakfast, lunch or dinner the guest will not walk away disappointed.

Bath draws hundreds of tourists every year and it's the Bath guest houses which take care of each and every visitor, needs in a manner which can only be described as absolute perfection. The Bath guest houses are a place where luxury meets comfort.